Blast from the Past

I stumbled across the famous (well, to some circles) EVA Quartet, part of Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares.  The two ladies on the left are teachers I had the pleasure of working with briefly when they came to Seattle for their concert at Town Hall.

These ladies are amazing vocalists, composers, and teachers!  I was just reflecting to a friend about the most recent moment I felt true happiness — learning the low voice of a simple Bulgarian folk song from Gergana Dimitrova and feeling like the only student in the room when she held her gaze with mine and knew that I was catching what she was laying down.  Bliss!

I was pleasantly surprised to hear very familiar text from an old Phinney Chorus song (probably originally from Village Harmony Mckenzie Bridge 2007 or even earlier, Maggie’s 1999 VH camp in Vermont?) Sveti Bozhe, a Bulgarian sacred song!

Here’s that same text, presumably from the Bulgarian Orthodox church, but in a wildly different arrangement.


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