3 days of Folklife

onefourfive will perform in the Voices of the World Showcase at Northwest Folklife Festival on Friday, May 27th.  This is a particularly exciting performance for us, since we did not perform at NWFF last year. This year, our group didn’t get in, but with a few emails and a phone call saying, “hey, we have a great set prepared and would love to sing if you can find space for us”, and suddenly we’re the VoW showcase! Good thing, too, since we’re featured on the holiday postcard and the theme is Folk Singing!  

onefourfive will also perform as part of the Turkish Showcase on Saturday, May 28th.  Although our performance is a short section of a larger event curated by our own Izumi Fairbanks, we plan to make the most of our 12 minutes with some interesting mashups of Georgian/Turkish songs, as well as a little bit of Chechen thrown in for good measure. 

Dunava will perform on Sunday, May 29th, as part of the Slavic Choir Showcase.  We’ve been working on Sephardic songs from the Balkans, which we’ve integrated creatively with some of our more well-known repertoire from Bulgaria.  Dunava 10th Anniversary

It looks to be an exciting weekend!

Hello world!

What better for a first blog post, than to tell you about the music I’m currently digging?

The other day, I discovered these lovely ladies by accident:

Anna and Elizabeth sing mountain music from Appalachia, with the best twang, and with CRANKIES! 

I’m also digging the Starry Mountain Singers new album, particularly this song: So’ centu voce di l’esse and this one: Hungry, faint and poor

I also just found this Sardinian song, which is particularly enjoyable because it has the English translation during the song:

Tenore Supramonte Orgosolo