Current Projects

Northern Harmony

In 2014, I went on a 10-week singing tour with Northern Harmony, where we studied and performed Georgian, Corsican, Bulgarian, and South African folk songs in the UK, France, Switzerland, and Germany.

While on the road, we performed almost every night for 70 days, as well as taught workshops to folk singing adults across Europe.  The album was released in 2015.  Of special note are the Georgian & Bulgarian songs which I contributed to the group:  Tamar Kalo, Murza i Bekzil, Sidjankata, Vesela Pripjavka, and Katerino Mome.

You can download Adorn the Darksome Skies from the Bandcamp site, or you can purchase it from me in person if you are in or near Seattle.


Dunava is a 12-member Balkan women’s ensemble, of which I am a part.  In 2012-13, we recorded the CD Bulgaria, which you can purchase from CD Baby, or from me in person.  Although I am not a featured soloist on the album, I was part of the core Editing team which selected the best takes for rhythm, pitch, and general cohesiveness from hundreds of takes to mix the best selection.  I’m proud of our results!

We’re back in the studio (2019) and working on our 3rd CD, which will include Bulgarian, Serbian, Georgian, and Hungarian songs.


onefourfive is an 8-member Georgian ensemble, which sings (mostly) a cappella songs from Caucasus Georgia. I am the founder and director, striving to present Georgian folk songs from remote regions with authenticity and integrity!  I have collected songs on trips to Georgia with songmasters in 2010, 2011, and 2012, and worked with visiting ethnomusicologists in 2013 and 2014.  Other members of the group have visited Georgia and have studied with teachers there as well. You can visit our YouTube or Facebook pages or send email to seattle georgian song (at) gmail (dot) com for more information. Here we are with one of our Georgian teachers, Malkhaz Erkvanidze who came to work with us for the weekend in June 2013.

 Our collaboration with our teachers from Zedashe Ensemble in April 2013:

The Spectacles 

The Spectacles is a trio, which sings in… wait for it… English! Despite this being a shocking revelation that this could be an enjoyable area of interest for me, I’ve managed to be a contributing member of this rockin’ lady trio.  You can visit our website website or our Facebook page to find out more!


Figassa sings folk songs from places an Italian could reach by boat… Croatia, Corsica, Sardinia, Quattro Provence, etc.  Really, it’s a bunch of people from other groups (Dave and the Dalmatians, onefourfive, Kessler & Perasso, and Village Harmony) coming together to sing at the Princeton Folk Festival in Princeton, B.C.   Tyrrhenians

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