Georgian Song Sharing

5/3/20 Biba as taught by Islam Pilpani, shared by Silvia

Biba (ref pirveli & bani)
Biba (pirveli & bani)
Biba (meore)
Biba (all voices, Riho)
Naninai Batonebsa for Rose 4-30-20
Sedeko (individual parts in one recording — Frank Kane)
Parina, Parina (Georgia Songmasters Tour 2010 with Carl Linich)
Parina, Parina (top, middle, bass over source recording)
Kalospiruli (with middle, bottom + calls)

Kalospiruli (top)
Kalospiruli (middle)
Kalospiruli (bass)

Tsaiqvanes Tamar Kali 4/19/20:

Tsaiqvanes top part
Tsaiqvanes middle part
Tsaiqvanes bass part

Rustavi — Ts’aiqvanes Tamar Kali

4/9/20 Parts recordings for Saukunod Iqos:

Saukunod top & middle
Saukunod top & bass
Saukunod top
Saukunod Iqos middle
Saukunod Iqos bass

4/9/20 Learning files of Nai Nai Batonebsa: Cleveland Friends of Georgian song learning Nai Nai Batonebsa from Nana Mzhavanadze

Nai Nai Batonebsa (from Imereti, from

4/8/20 Matklis Sartavi Naduri (Ach’ara)

Matklis Sartavi Naduri (Ach’ara) — Aidio (the Turmanidzes sing this one)

Some songs for Easter

Svan Krist’e Aghdga from Silvia
Hoi Kriste Aghdga from Silvia
Aghdgomasa Shensa
Mios Patskha with Beso leading

Khintskhala (Turmanidze variant, from Merisi)

Kviria (middle)
Kviria (top)
Kviria (bass)
Kviria (Lenjer, Svaneti, 2013)
Note: The highlighted yellow are changes Silvia submitted for the middle part.

Songs from March


Ia Mtazeda parts — The middle part contains the whole song. Top and bass include just one verse.

Ia Mtazeda (middle)
Ia Mtazeda (top)
Ia Mtazeda (bass)


Here are some Naninei mp3s that Karin shared with me.

Naninei bass
Naninei middle
Naninei top
Naninei all

The Spectacles are in the Recording Studio

 From 2017 — now, I’ve been singing in a trio called “The Spectacles”, with two lovely, bespectacled friends.  We did meet in the Balkan women’s ensemble Dunava, but that’s only relevant because we know how to blend and we like each other! Otherwise, our music is completely different than anything else I sing.   Our…

Blast from the Past

I stumbled across the famous (well, to some circles) EVA Quartet, part of Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares.  The two ladies on the left are teachers I had the pleasure of working with briefly when they came to Seattle for their concert at Town Hall. These ladies are amazing vocalists, composers, and teachers!  I was…

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