The Spectacles are in the Recording Studio

41990849_554423418344171_6494249701288706048_n From 2017 — now, I’ve been singing in a trio called “The Spectacles”, with two lovely, bespectacled friends.  We did meet in the Balkan women’s ensemble Dunava, but that’s only relevant because we know how to blend and we like each other! Otherwise, our music is completely different than anything else I sing.   Our songs are definitely not Eastern European, with irregular rhythms or polyphony, BUT many songs do have their roots in jazz. So I guess there’s still some weirdness 🙂 


We’ve just started the recording process, and BOY, is it humbling!  When you record as a trio, you have to be really ON — and if you aren’t, it’s noticeable.  Another take!  Hopefully we’ll have something we can put up on Soundcloud, or CDBaby or bandcamp. Researching options at the moment.

Here we are at our first real gig (besides singing for our respective parents).  Here we are singing for other people’s parents, at a retirement home in Tacoma.

41983107_554424158344097_4336051720497922048_o  When you sing old chestnuts like “Goldmine in the Sky” and “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy”, old folks nod and sometimes even sing along.    I’m not sure they quite know what to do with our more modern songs, but that’s okay.

We’ve sung our more modern songs with more woke audiences like our show at Copious in Ballard, where we did our a capella version of Schoolhouse Rock’s Rufus Xavier Sarsaparilla — complete with a new verse about they/them pronouns. 

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